Spanking Video & Pictures

For this request the customer is looking for producers or models who can create exclusive spanking videos. Here are the shoot requirements:

M/F or F/F spanking videos that are 10-15 mins long. The customer prefers also to have 25-30 pictures showing some of the action. Pictures are negotiable if there is a huge cost in producing these along with the video. There is no age limit other than all models being spanked or spanking must be over the age of 18. There are also no limits on body types, all are welcome.

Most spanking videos are done with the concept of one or more of the models being spanked as a punishment. However, the customer does also accept some fun spanking clips. For those they are done on a case-by-case basis and shoot details would be sent at that time. For the spanking videos that are done as a punishment here are some details.

All spanking scenes should have the same progression.

  1. Models get spanked over clothes.
  2. Skirt or dress gets lifted up and model gets spanked on her panties. Maybe give her a wedgie while spanking.
  3. Panties get pulled down to their knees and get spanked more.
  4. Panties are removed and the rest of her clothes come off her.

Spanking poses (3-4 different poses should be used per video)

  1. Bent over grabbing her ankles.
  2. Sitting on her back while she lays flat on the bed. Only when its g/g not b/g
  3. Standing there with her hand on her head.
  4. On her back laying down with her holding her legs straight up
  5. Bent over a table with her arms out in front of her. Could also be bent over with her hands on a chair in front of her.
  6. Over the knee (this is a must position and the scene should always end with this being the final position).


  1. When the model is told she is going to be spanked she acts shocked and at first resistive. After she gets hit a couple times, she realizes she can’t stop what’s about to happen and starts giving into the commands of the spanker.
  2. The girls gives in to the commands of the spanker but pleads for them to stop throughout the video. She should be saying how sorry she is, and it won’t happen again. If the model can cry during the scene that is great. The girl should also say how bad the spanking hurt throughout the video.
  3. Spanking should be slow and controlled.
  4. Every once and a while let the camera zoom in on her ass and see the redness start to develop.
  5. Make sure the camera can see the girls face for most of the spanking positions so you can see the discomfort on her face when getting spanked. When doing otk try not to have the model looking straight down the entire time. Have her looking back over her shoulder at the camera/spanker.
  6. While spanking be sure to through in some humiliation. Call the model names. Make her say things like she is a slut, bitch, loser, cheater or whatever fits the scene. The spanker should also say things like you deserve this for what you did.
  7. During one of the poses preferably when doing otk have the model do a series of counting. Have her count out load each spanking she gets up to 10-20 spanks as instructed by the spanker.
  8. At the end of the scene the spanker should instruct the girl to get her clothes and to leave. And she walks off set to end the scene.
  9. Models should be dress sexy with high heels and stockings if available.

Video must be shot in HD or 4K.

The customer is asking for quotes on this project.

Other shoot requirements are a signed model release and ID along with a picture of the model holding her ID next to her face.

If this is something you can and would like to produce, please email Dan your available models or pictures of yourself if you are the model.

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