Produce exclusive content or license your current content for cash!

We can market your content with exclusive or non exclusive rights!

Want to make money with Train Wreck Content? There are a couple of options available:

First let me explain who we are and how our company works. We have been providing adult webmasters with quality content for over 20 years. We provide these customers with both exclusive and non-exclusive content. Though we shoot our own content and have our own library we also broker exclusive and non-exclusive content from other producers and models.

This is how our non-exclusive content program works. If you have videos or pictures that you can legally sell, we will market them to our client to license them for use on their web sites or tube channels. This doesn’t limit what you can do with the content as you are only granting these customers a non-exclusive license to use the content. They are not allowed to resell the content to other webmasters. They may, however, sell the content in PPV format or other similar methods for their members/users to stream or download. The type of content we can market for you can range from non-nude solo to a bukkake gangbangs and everything in between. There is a market for almost any niche. We do a 50/50 split on any of the sales we generate for you. The price we license your videos and/or pictures is up to you. We may give you our input, but the final decision is yours. If this is something you are interested in please complete the form above.

For our exclusive content program. If you are a producer or a model who can create videos and pictures made to order, we can market your services to our customers that buy exclusive content. We have a list of current open orders which you can view on our custom content page

These request change based on our customers’ needs. Again, these can vary from non-nude solo to a bukkake gangbangs and everything in between. If there is a current request, you are interested in producing you just need to let us know by sending an email with some recent pictures of you or the models you are working with. Also send your rate to produce the content. We submit that to our customer, and they have final say on who is approved or not approved for the shoot. If you are approved, we collect the money from the customer. Then once you complete the shoot and deliver the content, we release the payment to you. Unlike the non-exclusive program we don’t take 50% of the sale. You get the amount you quoted, which needs to be agreed upon between you and the customer. If this is something you are interested in all you need to do is as I said let us know which open order you are interested in producing and make sure you are signed up for our exclusive producer newsletter which you can do at the bottom of any page on our site. Once you have signed up for our exclusive producer newsletter you will get notifications when a new request is added.

All content we broker, whether its non-exclusive or exclusive, requires 2257 documents which includes a signed model release and a copy of the models ID. This is required for anyone who appears in the videos or pictures even if they aren’t nude. If you are producing exclusive content, we will provide you with a model release to use.

If you have any questions please let me know.

If you are model looking to physically work with one of our studios let us know. We work with producers and studios all over the US. This includes Colorado, Florida, New York, California, Las Vegas, and several other states. We also work with studios outside of the USA. If you are interested in working with us or one of our other studios, please fill out the form, and representative will get back to you shortly.

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