Social Media Videos & Pictures

For this request the customer is looking for producers or models who can create exclusive video clips and pictures that can be used on social media. Here are the shoot requirements:

White girl 20-30 yo. prefer if she’s American or can sound like she is

This content will be used on social media. Primarily for advertising to business.


20 (20-30 second cellphone) videos that will be used on social media for promotion purposes.  Some videos talent will talk to camera.  Other videos the talent will be asked to dance or do something in the video.

Social media safe.


5 Slightly nude videos (2 min)

5 nude videos (2min)

30 photos (half should be nude)

3 verification photos for Social

Video must be shot in HD or 4K.


The customer is asking for quotes on this project.

Other shoot requirements are a signed model release and ID along with a picture of the model holding her ID next to her face.

If this is something you can and would like to produce, please email Dan your available models or pictures of yourself if you are the model.

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