Loser Has A Consequence Video & Pictures

For this request, the customer is looking for exclusive content with models playing actual games, not video games. The customer is looking for 1 video and picture set per game. The video needs to be 15-20 minutes. The video should be shot in HD or 4K if possible:

They are looking for videos of the girls i.e., 2 girls or 3 girls, playing games like connect four, Jenga, pool, darts, card games or even rock, paper, scissors. These are just a few examples of games that could be played. Scenes can also include males i.e., 1 male and 1 girl or 1 male and 2 girls.

Their web site focuses on amateurs playing games where the losers get some kind of sexual punishment. It should be fun with no need for anything fancy. The more amateurish the set and the girls/guys the better. No need for a pro porn stars/makeup/fancy production or spaces. Examples for a 2-girl scene might be where the winning girl fucks the loser with a dildo. She could also make the loser lick her pussy. They can even use some kind of sex toys, while other player(s) watch. Also, there could be two girls who take turns fucking the losing girl. If the scene involves a male, it could include the girl giving him a hand job or blowjob. Anything is possible. You can do anything you want. It should be a fun scene for the models/players. Games should be played normally and not faked or staged to determine the loser.

Picture sets should contain 20 to 25 pictures per set: Pics need to be shot separate from the video. So, you would need to recreate the scene after the video is done.

The pics could contain some selfies like the girls are taking the pics as if they were having so much fun, they impulsively take out their phones and take some pics of themselves. The pics should give the impression of a bunch of friends having a game night instead of someone filming them.

Model requirements:

Models 18-23 are preferred, but models can be between the ages of 18-30. Sexy/athletics models are preferred as well. In many cases they have only girls playing. So, g/g or g/g/g is preferred but b/g or b/g/g will also be considered. Not all game players have to participate in sexual acts, but they could.

Other info:

This customer is asking for quotes and to see what models you have available.

Please note a model release and ID is required along with a picture of the model holding her ID next to her face.

If this is something you can and would like to produce, please email Dan your rates and availability.

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