Exclusive Dating Profile Pics & Video

For this request the customer is looking for producers or models who can create profiles to promote a dating site. The customer is looking for 1 video and 45 or more pictures per profile.

Video will be non-nude, between 10-30 seconds (with 2-3 takes):

They can be shot with a smart phone and can be in either HD or 4K. Models need to speak English. The customer will provide a small script. Here are some examples.

Hi everyone! I’m always looking to make new friends, so here I am on {#sitename} and seeking {#partner}! So, get in touch with me!

Hi. I’m {#name}. looking to get spoiled and have some secret fun on {#sitename}. Can you give me whatever I want?

Picture set must have at least 45 pictures:

The set should be a mix of nude and non-nude pictures. The customer does allow for some models to only do non-nude profiles. Those need to be pre-approved beforehand, and they have to include a few implied/ teasing pictures. The profile pictures should contain at least 4-5 different locations and 4-5 different outfits, but if possible, more is preferred. If you had 45+ totally random pics that would be ideal, but we know this is not always possible (if you are able to create these types of sets, they could pay more, please ask for more details about this). Photos can consist of both custom pictures and pictures you may already have on your phone but have not sold to anyone else before. Within the 45+ pictures there are a few preferred / desired poses the customer would like to have included.

1. Giving the camera the middle finger

2. Showing a peace sign

3. The oh my! with your mouth open and hand covering it like these samples on google

4. The tiny dick hand where your making fun of a guy like these samples on google, while laughing at the camera. No males should be included in this picture (solo only)

5. Blowing the camera a kiss

All these poses should be done fully clothed or teasing the camera without nudity.

Model Requirements:

For this project we are looking for models of all ages and body types. Right now, we are only looking for females but more male slots will be open later this month.

The customer is asking for quotes on this project.

Other shoot requirements are a signed model release and ID along with a picture of the model holding her ID next to her face.

If this is something you can and would like to produce please email Dan your rates and available models or pictures of yourself if you are the model.

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